Trinity Hart

Trinity Hart closed $40 million in development deals in the past 24 months. These projects will nearly double the size of Deylen Realty, the firm where she is a principal.

One of those projects will be the largest development ever undertaken by Deylen. In January, Hart closed the financing for MARQ, a plan to build offices, retail space, and 99 apartments in Lafayette, Indiana. The $28 million project includes $3 million in tax increment financing (TIF) from the city. “Neither Deylen nor I had ever before requested TIF funds,” says Hart.

Hart holds a graduate degree in historic preservation. “I champion the adaptive reuse of historic buildings,” she says. “As an urban developer, we often obtain sites that are in historic districts or infill sites. I am keenly aware of the sensitivity needed in the design of new projects in these areas.”

In 2013, she bought a condemned single-family home for her personal residence in the Fletcher Place Historic District of Indianapolis, a neighborhood in which her firm is deeply involved. After decades of neglect, the home is currently being renovated.

In June, even though she is already a successful developer, she added to her skills by earning a professional certificate in real estate development and finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.