Tim Cornwell

Tim Cornwell worked his way up the ranks at San Francisco–based real estate advisory firm the Concord Group, becoming the youngest principal in the company’s 26-year history in just nine years. As a close adviser to some of the country’s most prominent real estate developers, he has a knack for predicting real estate trends among various demographics, which has propelled the firm’s growth as a consultancy leader in the Bay Area residential market. His residential real estate expertise spans 1,000-plus projects in gateway cities like Seattle, Boston, and Dallas.

Cornwell takes an analytical approach to urban development, relying heavily on data metrics to answer the housing industry’s most pressing questions and, in turn, maximize the economic viability of his clients’ projects. His dedication and strong leadership on affordable housing projects have allowed the firm to consult on groundbreaking developments of smart communities. Cornwell aims to offer support to his peers through organizations like ULI and SPUR, the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association.

“We help developers make very good strategic decisions for the future,” he says. “That means we have to be smart about how everything is changing and really understand all the metrics, demographics, and individual development projects from a quantitative perspective, which allows us to make better decisions.”