Tadd Miller

Tadd M. Miller is the cofounder and chief executive officer of Milhaus, an urban infill, multifamily/mixed-use development firm that focuses on projects in transitional neighborhoods in secondary markets. He is responsible for business development and corporate strategy across all divisions of Milhaus, which has developed over $1 billion of properties throughout the Midwest, the Southeast, and Oklahoma.

“We really feel that the development world has become a spreadsheet/financial capital markets–driven one, and there are a lot of places that deserve better-quality development—where you could still attain the same yield if you just take a little time and be thoughtful about it,” says Miller.

His real estate experience originated in central Indiana, where his projects have been widely recognized as being a key driver of the renaissance of downtown living in Indianapolis. Milhaus has built upon that success by taking the model to a dozen other markets, developing mixed-use properties in neighborhoods that require large-scale investment to serve as the catalyst for further investment. Transformative projects include the Northside neighborhood in Cincinnati, as well as similarly underserved neighborhoods in Louisville, Kentucky; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Memphis, Tennessee; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“There’s nothing cooler than walking down Ohio Street in Indianapolis and remembering that it was all homeless camps and parking lots just ten years ago, and now there are thousands of apartments and condos, Cummins’s [an engine manufacturer] new headquarters, a new public park, and a Whole Foods being built.…It’s just incredible.”