Sachin Doshi

Rather than focusing on short-term yields, Sachin Doshi considers the long-term effect that a project can have on a community. As the managing director and head of Dutch pension fund APG Asset Management’s Asia Pacific business, Doshi has grown APG’s regional investments while making a significant impact on local communities. He tackles some of Asia’s most critical issues while managing a $5 billion private real estate investment portfolio.

Doshi was vital in APG’s evolution from passive investor to one that invests in country-specific real estate investment platforms with local operators. By focusing on key markets and strategically purchasing stakes in various companies, he has grown APG’s Asian asset portfolio by over 50 percent in the last three years. As a board member of Lemon Tree Hotels in India, International Towers in Sydney, and Chongbang Holdings in China, Doshi leads APG’s real estate investments while effecting societal change in emerging markets. For example, Lemon Tree Hotels is one of India’s largest companies employing people with disabilities, and its latest project will be entirely staffed by disabled employees. Likewise, International Towers Sydney has received wide praise for revitalizing a defunct wharf with a commercial, retail and residential project.

“Community building is a multifaceted undertaking that involves bringing together complex disciplines and often divergent interests,” he says. “Particularly in Asia, where there continues to be strong government involvement in urban development, early engagement with the relevant local authorities is key to successful long-term outcomes for developers, investors, and the community at large.”