Marcus Hale

Marcus Hale holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA in real estate finance and investment—an educational combination that has prepared him to operate in all phases of the development life cycle from the initial concept through to final delivery. He is able to approach projects from two different viewpoints—the technical understanding and logical problem-solving approach of an engineer coupled with the financial acumen and business strategy approach of an owner/developer.

Hale is providing development support to a client who is developing a new 1.2 million-square-foot (111,000 sq m) European headquarters in the City of London. The project is pushing the envelope in terms of sustainability, contemporary workplace design, and innovations aimed at improving the walkability and public experience of the surrounding area. “It’s an exciting scheme to work on due to the opportunity to replace two obsolete structures in a part of the city that has been underappreciated for some time, with probably the largest single building being developed in London currently. It will bring new life and energy to the local community, and be a place that the client and their staff can be proud to occupy,” he says.

Hale is a founding member of the ULI NEXT Global leadership initiative and sits on the European and U.K. executive committees. He has been described by his peers as a leader in team building and someone who is constantly striving to innovate. At the inaugural ULI U.K. conference earlier this year, he gave a presentation on the 25-year outlook for London that considered autonomous vehicles, the “internet of things,” big data and connected cities, living buildings, and urban vertical farming. “I would not describe myself as a futurist by any means,” says Hale, “but I do believe that those involved in the built environment need to start pushing the boundaries of what is possible through advances in technology.”