Billy Pettit

Billy Pettit, president of Pillar Properties, has led the Seattle-based multifamily developer to its status as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, taking revenue from $3.7 million to $30 million in just three years. Pillar’s success is often credited to its internal culture: working at one of Washington’s Best Workplaces, as ranked by the Puget Sound Business Journal, Pettit’s team is resolved to bring the same kind of satisfaction to its clients by delivering the ideal end-user experience.

The firm’s mantra, “quietly awesome,” encompasses the entirety of Pillar Properties’ business—from the service it provides its clients and the end users of its multifamily projects to the way its employees treat each other.

“‘Quietly awesome’ is really the defining element of our culture at Pillar Properties,” says Pettit. “We took a different approach than most real estate companies in that we built it as culture first. Everything we do—from our business plan, to hiring, to interactions with investors, vendors, and team members—is done with a culture-first approach. We say ‘quietly awesome’ at all levels, across all aspects, and with every engagement. So it really is the backbone of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.”