Anyeley Hallova

Anyeley Hallova is a partner in a Portland, Oregon–based firm called project^, where high design and place-based and sustainable development come first and innovation is prized.  Hallova calls her company a trailblazer in Oregon for off-campus student housing, for-sale townhomes, retail spaces, and mixed-use projects.

She has concentrated on off-campus student housing, initially near two universities, setting a standard for buildings that followed with a strong design and LEED certification, fiber-optic internet, and retail on the ground floor. A residence hall project, ArtHouse, was designed to bring natural light into individual rooms, hallways, and stairwells, producing an art studio feel.

Aware of the scarcity of for-sale townhouses in Portland and mediocre design of those available, Hallova built eight townhomes with modern flair and sustainable features, including skylights, huge windows, and a landscaped garden.

Recently, Hallova’s project team was named cowinner of a federal contest designed to spur the development of the first high-rise building made of wood in the United States. Their 12-story building, called Framework, will rise 130 feet (40 m) above Portland. Such high rises are inspired by their sustainability and made possible by a new technology, cross-laminated timber. Framework’s aim, says Hallova, is to catalyze a new timber industry that produces local, sustainable building products; reduces greenhouse gas emissions; and provides jobs in rural America.

She has also been involved in ULI’s Rose Center for Public Leadership and Advisory Services panels.